Move Over Shabby Chic!

Move Over Shabby Chic!

Vintage Elegance is Here to Stay

The Shabby Chic theme that began circulating during the Spring 2014 wedding season has only grown in popularity over the years.  If you are in the process of planning a wedding, then I am sure that you have come across more than one Pinterest Board with Shabby Chic influences.

If the Shabby Chic theme seems to be old news, but you still adore the key idea of vintage décor and delicate features, then I may have the perfect answer for you!

The Shabby Chic idea essentially takes components of “shabby” accessories (think worn wood, old window panes, and fixtures consisting of burlap and mason jars), and mixes it with splashes of sophistication like lace, beading, and fixtures such as, worn chandeliers and antique birdcages. However, the Shabby Chic weddings are almost always held within the months of summer. This is where Winter gave me a hint of inspiration: what if the cold and gray months of Winter became the perfect backdrop to deep, rich colors, a comforting and hearty menu, and accents of dreamy tulle and Chantilly lace? This, my gorgeous brides, is the idea of a Vintage Elegant theme.

I know it may seem crazy to hold a wedding in winter due to the unpredictable weather and the generally gray natural backdrop that this season provides, but hear me out! Winter can pose an endless list of possibilities for a strikingly beautiful and almost ethereal wedding celebration. Not to mention, SkyView on Hay has a beautiful space for a wedding ceremony, reception, or both, complete with an indoor Zen Garden that gives you the opportunity to avoid any inclement weather getting in the way of your big day!

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The Rich Colors
Picture this: rich Marsala tones mixed with dusty rose accents; hints of cool gray and pops of glimmering champagne. This color scheme creates a unique and elegant environment while posing the perfect opportunity to weave vintage pieces into the masterpiece that is, a Vintage Elegant wedding.

A Berry Red and Black Winter Wedding Palette |

Budget-Friendly Decor
The best part about having a Vintage Elegant themed wedding? Budget-conscious brides can rejoice due to the vintage pieces, by utilizing flea markets, garage and estate sales, and thrift stores to find the treasures that embody the vintage aspect of this theme. Additionally, if you find something that is intricate but lacking the vintage “worn” appeal, you have the option of DIY “wear and tear”. Things like sandpaper, brass finisher, and wood stain can give any piece a more vintage feel.

Elegant Winter Wedding Inspiration in a Chic Palette of Green, White and Gold:

Dreamy Dresses and Dapper Tuxes

Let’s talk about wedding wear: every bride dreams of what she will look like on her wedding day. With an Elegant Vintage theme, elegance can really have an impact on the dress that one chooses. Ball gown silhouettes with tufts of dreamy tulle or more form fitting styles with delicate Chantilly lace, perfectly embody the vintage elegance of the event. Groomsmen can most definitely partake in this idea as well with the option of clean-cut classic tuxedos, and accessories like suspenders and bow ties give the feel of a vintage look. The bold idea of replacing a traditional floral boutonniere with an antique skeleton key, or an old family photo also ties in the Vintage Elegant theme as well .

 This delicious morsel of winter vintage wedding glam is platinum gold for us. Stunning images of wildly romantic blooms and flawless bridal style in Oregon.:

Winter-Rich Menu

As I have said, Winter’s weather can be unpredictable and most certainly cold. However, utilize the cold weather to provide a menu filled with creamy, rich and comforting foods that will leave guests feeling satisfied and happy! Offering options like a macaroni and cheese bar, mini chicken pot pies, or even gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches  are all ways to not only put an elegant twist on classic favorites, but will give guests a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas. I like the mini pot pies- Alyssa:

Unique Photo Opportunities

Winter weather often intimidates those who consider holding weddings during that time. One significant upside of this, however, is that the gray weather can make a dreamy natural backdrop to outdoor wedding photos. The color scheme I discussed above coordinates gorgeously with gray tones, and will pop in wedding photos as well.

So, do not count out winter when thinking about a wedding date! This season can provide the perfect time host a wedding with a Vintage Elegant theme that will leave guests in awe. With rich color schemes, dreamy wedding wear, a comforting menu, and beautiful photo opportunities, a Vintage Elegant wedding and reception in Winter will leave you and your new spouse gorgeous memories to last a lifetime.

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