Journey through our history below! Our building is not only a beautiful location for your special event, but also rich with history.

bbt-f-2The 1964 BB&T Bank Building located at 121 Hay Street is a stunning and well-preserved example of modern architecture designed by renowned architect G. Milton Small of Raleigh.

smallSmall came to Raleigh after studying with Mies Van der Rohe in Chicago. Over the next several decades, Small produced a body of work that distinguished him as the most accomplished proponent of Miesian modernism in the area. Small is known for designing several buildings in the state, including Carter Finley Stadium, Raleigh City Hall, and the Raleigh Country Club. The 1964 BB&T Bank Building is the only G. Milton Small design in Cumberland County.

1984-belk-fireIn 1984, a fire consumed the Belk Hensdale building next door. That space became a small parking lot that is still in use today.

telespectrum-1993When BB&T moved from downtown, the building was used as an office building for a few years. Then it changed hands and was altered to function as a series of notorious bars.

1001bFinally, in 2010, the ATF shut down the bar. The bar owners walked away, leaving the building full of garbage and open beverages. The building sat empty for a year.

In July 2011, Hay Street Investments purchased the building and began the process of removing the alterations put in place by the bar owners and restoring the property to its original grandeur.

New skylights allow light to pour in. Black curtains and dark window tinting were removed. Black ceilings were replaced and blue walls painted over and covered up. The original terrazzo floors, covered with ceramic tile, vinyl tile and indoor/outdoor carpet were refinished to their original luster. Rocks were removed from the garden and a Zen garden took shape. Original architectural details were revealed and enhanced.

The former bank building has now been restored and converted into a contemporary, elegant and flexible event facility with state-of-the-art amenities on all three floors.

The building is named SkyView on Hay to describe the amazing views and natural light entering through ten giant skylights and soaring walls of windows in each space throughout the property.