Once upon a time, weddings were unique..

Once upon a time, weddings were unique..

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the fancy white sneakers, the black or pink wedding dresses, off the wall themes, and trendy décor at many weddings in the last couple of years.

So what do all these things have in common you ask? They are all used to showcase the couple’s personal style or personality. If you’ve ever been a bride, groom, or anyone intimately involved in planning a wedding you are well aware of the intense need for the big day to be unique and special. In the age of Pinterest it would be easy to believe that when your day comes a quick search would be all you need for your dream wedding. Then before you know it your best friend, 2nd cousin, and your little sister are engaged and you’re left wondering “what hasn’t been done”?!

So to bridge the gap between “been there and s/he’s already doing that”, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

For the crafty and art inspired; a dress, suit and or décor elements that are hand painted or adorned with a print of your work would definitely make your day memorable and would give your guest a beautiful piece of you to take home with them. Additionally this idea can be as budget friendly or as extravagant as you want it to be.

For the young at heart your wedding would probably be the least likely place that you’d feel you would be able to release your inner child but I totally disagree. To make your day as beautiful as it is nostalgic you could easily incorporate the colors that stood out in a favorite movie, iconic phrases, soundtrack music as well as strategically placed silhouettes from characters as décor or on your invitations. Your inner child will thank you and chances are you won’t look back years later and have a “WHAT WAS I THINKING” moment.

For those that love glitz and glamour it would be very easy to start out with an idea and have the end result resemble every other wedding.  Instead of all the typical bells and whistles you can instead have a Red Carpet event. Everything would still be on target to satisfy the glamour prone but this theme would allow you to show individuality in the details. For starters the walk into the venue could consist of several photo ops, followed by a ceremony taking place on a stage. The reception could then take place as an “after party” that consist of videography that is arranged as “interviews”. In addition the invites, thank you’s and décor could all have a red carpet theme such as golden globes as centerpieces and a tabloid inspired invite.

Hopefully these ideas have given some inspiration that will help make your day one  to remember.

Happy Planning!