Beat the Heat: Outdoor Weddings in the Summertime Heat

Beat the Heat: Outdoor Weddings in the Summertime Heat

This North Carolina summer brings one thing to mind: how do brides brave the heat and avoid having their perfect wedding burst into flames? Good news! There are some simple precautions that brides can take to ensure that they, and their guests, remain cool, calm, and collected.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Unique things to offer guests upon arrival to the ceremony include fruit-infused iced water, sunglasses, and paper fans, which all give a personalized touch to your event, while providing a way for your guests to enjoy the ceremony without sweating during the vows!






Be Prepared:
Brides: don’t forget to prepare for the heat. If you plan on getting your hair and makeup done professionally, do not opt for a hairstyle with curls and volume, as the humidity can make hair go limp rather quickly. Instead, try a sleek bun or ponytail that will stay in place no matter what the weather brings. Additionally, make sure that you apply makeup that will last for the day. Getting your makeup professionally airbrushed is a great option for summer brides, as it is sweat (and tear) proof!






Location, Location, Location

The venue that you choose has the potential to rescue you and your guests when a heat wave strikes on your wedding day. A venue that offers both an indoor and outdoor space for your wedding guests to roam is an invaluable part of making your day the most comfortable that it can be. You can even head in and out of doors at the most opportune times during the heat of the day. For instance: when the sun is at its peak in mid-afternoon, direct guests indoors for cocktail hour in the air conditioning. As the sun sets and the temperature cools, have a twilight backdrop for a dreamy reception, followed by dancing under the stars!

Holding your wedding in the heat of the summer does not mean that you have to give up your dream of having an outdoor wedding. Instead of ditching an outdoors component to your event, you just need to get creative with your plans for the day! Implement ways to keep your guests cool, be prepared for the hot and humid weather when getting ready for your big day, and choose a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor locations.