Fairy Tale Wedding Trends

Fairy Tale Wedding Trends

The white glove days of weddings are back! Grand weddings with Fairy Tale themes and dramatic décor are in the spotlight. This is what The Knot has to say about 2015 wedding trends: “Casual weddings have reigned for the past five-plus years. But we love that some couples are taking their wedding style in the very opposite direction with lots of opulent details.” Many of our brides set a theme to incorporate Great Gatsby gold and sparkle or Cinderella style romance.

Opulent Details

Some of the best details we’ve seen have at these grand weddings have been: 1. Dramatic entrance, 2. Multi-tier wedding cakes, & 3. The décor!

Draping creates a huge visual impact and completely changes the look of a room, even when it’s just used in one place; Behind a head table it brings a grandiose emphasis on the newlyweds.

Create a walk-through in a hallway with sheer draping and up lighting for a very special grand entrance.

Besides the brides dress(es), the décor is  really the most important part! Tall & embellished centerpieces draped in crystals and glitter, full place settings, and chair covers canvas the ballroom.

For the last few years cupcake tiers and candy bars have been the most popular dessert options; now we’re seeing the exact opposite with huge multi-tiered cakes. There are many reasons why cupcakes will still be a great option for many weddings, such as being budget friendly, easier to serve, and offering more versatile flavors and decorating. Though there’s nothing quite as breathtaking as a lace lined, sugar flower covered, 5+ tier wedding cake dusted with the most beautiful sparkling powders.