Wild and Free: The Perfectly “Undone” Floral Arrangement

Wild and Free: The Perfectly “Undone” Floral Arrangement

Floral arrangements for weddings are most commonly neat, symmetrical, and softly beautiful. The words “whimsical,” “wild,” or “asymmetrical” definitely don’t pop into mind when you first imagine the flowers surrounding you on your big day.  However, since the natural look has been dominating many different avenues of style, including the wedding industry, for quite awhile now, it may be time to consider a new way of arranging flowers on your wedding day.

Perfectly Undone

Many of the contemporary floral arrangements we’ll be seeing reflect a sense of being “undone” … but in a way that is very strategically planned. Florists will choose a perfect combination of hues and textures that make the arrangements look whimsical, colorful and one-of-a-kind.































Be Budget-Conscious

Choosing flowers that are in season during the time of your wedding can give your floral arrangements variety while still being cost effective. Flowers that happen to be in season are usually available locally or in-state, which costs less to use in floral arrangements. At the same time, this allows brides to support local flower farmers, and what’s not to love about that?


Unique to You

The beauty of choosing a whimsically designed “undone” floral arrangement for your big day is the unique design of it. The special quality of  having a bouquet or centerpiece with a personalized, one-of- a-kind look is that it will leave you with lasting memories and gorgeous pictures to reflect on in the years to come.