Sugar, Sugar! Dessert Inspiration to Sweeten Any Event

Sugar, Sugar! Dessert Inspiration to Sweeten Any Event

Create-your-own dessert bars are a great way to get your guests interacting during your event, while giving a creative aspect to your event. Desserts are a great way to get creative and have some fun when planning your big event, no matter the occasion or the season. Here are some create-your-own dessert bars that are sure to add some fun to our event!

S’mores Please!

Though s’mores are typically enjoyed around a campfire, they are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your event regardless of the location. In lieu of an actual campfire for any indoor event, try placing green heat sterno cans out for guests to roast marshmallows. These eco-friendly sterno cans will burn without emitting harmful chemicals, and will provide an easy way for guests to interactively prepare their own dessert! For any outdoor event, consider adding campfires to add ambiance while guests enjoy roasting their marshmallows together.

Popcorn Frenzy

Popcorn is a simple treat that is well-loved by many. Take this crunchy snack to the next level by offering a popcorn bar! You can customize this dessert bar in a variety of different ways: offer different flavors of popcorn, unique toppings to flavor plain popcorn, and even have mix-ins like chocolate chips and M&M’s. Set out some popcorn bags, and let your guests have at it!


Donuts for Days


Let’s talk about a treat that is my personal favorite: donuts! Even though it is customary for donuts to be offered as a breakfast option, the deep fried dough and sweet icing make this pastry the perfect dessert for your special occasion. Aside from being downright delicious, donuts are also an attractive option that can act as added décor. To display your donuts, try a wall or tiered cupcake stand. Guests will be able to choose a donut with ease!













Everyone loves indulging in sweet treats, especially when attending a special occasion, so you cannot go wrong when choosing your dessert option. Create-your-own dessert bars add a unique style to any special occasion, and give guests the chance to interact with your event, while preparing their own dessert.  Next time you find yourself planning a big event, be it a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or just a fun family gathering, consider these exciting options to add a hint of sweetness and a whole lot of enjoyment to your big day!