Happy Pride Month: Same-Sex Wedding Trends We Love

Happy Pride Month: Same-Sex Wedding Trends We Love

Same-sex couples have a beautifully unique opportunity to forgo the usual heterosexual wedding ceremony filled with old and outdated traditions.  Instead, same-sex couples can blaze a new trail and start new traditions that reflect their happiness, unity, and love.

Traditional heterosexual weddings can sometimes unintentionally “leave out” the groom by celebrating classic moments that are centered on the bride herself. Some of these traditions include things like the bridal shower and the bride’s grand entrance down the aisle. Now, this is not to say that these traditions are not beautiful or celebratory, as they are wonderful and do work for many couples! This thought only points out that these long-standing traditions are not always parallel with the wants and needs of every couple, including same-sex couples.

Same-sex couples have the opportunity to assume more of a starring role together, and really, isn’t that what the wedding celebration is truly about? Instead of having one bride walk down the aisle, here we see a beautiful rendition of both brides being escorted by their fathers.


Another tradition that has been gaining popularity is the “first look” between the couple before the ceremony takes place. Capture the moment with a photographer so the raw and beautiful emotions can be remembered for years to come!

Also gaining momentum is the idea of holding the ceremony portion of the wedding in a venue, as opposed to a church. Finding a venue like SkyView on Hay, where there are separate areas to hold the ceremony and the reception, makes the planning process even easier. Guests will not need to travel between the ceremony space and the venue for the reception when the ceremony and reception are all in one place.  It also makes it simple to work out details of the events when they are within the same vicinity. Just look at this gorgeous couple who held their ceremony and reception at SkyView on Hay last month!

So out with the old, and in with the new! It’s time for planners and venues alike to start incorporating these new traditions into the packages, décor, and services they offer. Every couple deserves to have their perfect day, no matter what “perfection” may look like to them.